Sunday, January 23, 2011

who would have thought!

I just blogged about my time camping and wrote about what has been stirring in my are the pictures from camping I hope that these give you a glimpse into my weekend. There is a full album on Facebook if you want to see more!

our campsite


Rachel and I went to the waterfall...but didn't know we were supposed to cross this small one (and we ended up at the top of it instead of the bottom so I couldn't gett a good picture) but here is what we found!

Who would have thought that coffee beans look like this before they get into our mugs!!

a few from our hike down...

welp i hope that this is successful...first time I have posted pictures. There will be a whole album full on facebook so yall can see more!

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  1. WOW!!!!!!! Wait till your kids read about your adventure in the deep jungle of the DR.
    I love you, Daddy