Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Today went so much better than yesterday! So this morning I was able to have a slow morning spending some time in the Word. Then once I was at school, I worked on things for the 9th grade class I am teaching. I established what my disciplinary actions would be, my grading structure, and thought through assign seating. These students need as much structure as they can get even if they go kicking and screaming. I think that eventually they will be able to come into my classroom knowing what to expect and will realize that being a “bump on a log” about it doesn’t help anything. Also this gives me a good way to establish what is expected before we get a couple weeks in and a student says “you never told me I could bring my homework in late.” It is crazy how many things I, as a teacher, is having to think about ahead of time. You don’t realize it when you are just the student.
After my break, I found Brock and sat down with him to brainstorm units for the PE part of the standards. He was such a great help. We established nine units with a week (2 classes) of health in between each unit. We think that this will allow us to meet the health units without forcing the kids into a classroom for multiple weeks at a time and therefore taking their attention spans to the extreme limit. We then set that I would go through each unit in respect to the standards and designate which standards we were meeting in each. I would then give him that sheet and he would write lesson plan based on the number of classes and what needs to be met. After the lesson plans are written, I will condense them into a format that will be what is needed for the curriculum. This way Brock will be able to help himself for next year so that is doing the work in advance and it will help teachers that come after him. It is going to help me TONS! This way I don’t have to think through every class in addition to writing the curriculum format for it.
After meeting with Brock, I spent my time before and after lunch doing what I just described above. After I had made a list, I found Brock again and went over it with him. We then discussed what the Biblical integration would look like for each unit. We are going ask a couple people before we go further on it. For now that is what we have accomplished and I am happy to have some type of path to move towards for the next week or two. I am hoping that when Sara gets back we will have been doing this all right. Until tomorrow, happy Tuesday!

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