Sunday, January 9, 2011

first weekend!

Well it has been quite the weekend! I have had the biggest mix of ups and downs! One moment I am overwhelmed and don't know how I am going to do this for four months and then the next I am in such a good place and and thank God enough for bringing me here.

First off the homestay I am at is incredible. We have hot water!! internet!! and a phone I can call the states for free with!! now this is NOT the norm in the DR. I am so blessed not only that but the woman I am staying with is so patient with my horrible spanish and her granddaughter speaks fluent english so she is able to translate for me! It is still hard though especially when the emotions come. there is not anyone to talk to (except a 10 year old) because they can't even understand me. also in the DR the people are very social and alone time is not something that people have here. They basically view alone time as for when you are sick...not good for me. Any one who knows me knows that I enjoy my alone time...especially in the morning. So I am trying to respect there culture as much as I can without exploding. I know that things will get easier and easier as I get to know more spanish.

But this weekend I went to a lot of places. My host family took my up this beautiful mountain and to an incredible resort (not to stay the night but just to see it). They also took me around town and showed me where everything was...not that I am going to remember it right now. Then today I went with two girls up to a waterfall. It was an awesome walk with some good talk time. Everyone is so friendly here. (pictures should be on facebook of all of the above). I went to Tim and Whitneys house last night for dinner and a movie.. it was really nice to go to a house of americans for the evening.

but tomorrow is the first day of the semester at GCSU. Doulos doesn't have school but I am going to go in the morning to get away for but only for a couple hours. I have to start writing my journal for my internship tomorrow. but i am excited for school to start on tuesday and get in the swing of things when it gets to be a routine.

well im about to show adriana how this whole blog thing works so I am going to end this one for now!! Thanks for reading about my life in the DR!

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  1. All good things take time and your time there will be all good! Love you,Daddy