Monday, February 14, 2011


****From my GCSU journal

Well I am feeling very close to 100% so it made today go a lot smoother. This morning I wrote two or three curriculum guides. And then I finished planning for my class today since I was home sick on Friday (the day I had planned to do it).
In class we went over the basics about diseases with emphasis on how to prevent and take care of yourself when you are ill. As I have mentioned before, I don’t have the schedule to do complete units on topics so I am trying to cover what is most important and what will have the most impact in their life. I liked class a little bit more than usual today. It was a struggle to get the students to do anything as usual but I think I am just getting used to being in front a class. The students are a lot like the students that I led at Baldwin High school so I feel comfortable with the general defiant attitude. I think that I enjoy presenting and teaching. I enjoy knowing that I am passing information to people that could change their lifestyle and their future. I enjoy being creative in the way that I present (although I don’t think that I am good at it) and I also enjoy making it look “pretty” (for lack of better words). All of that is to say that I am interested maybe finding a job that would have an aspect of teaching or presenting to it. I don’t think that I want to be a teacher in a school but going in as a guest speaker or once or twice a week might be something that I enjoy.
After lunch, I started grading the homework assignment that I gave the students last week. It is still amazing to me how difficult of a time they have with following directions. I only got a couple of them done.

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