Saturday, March 12, 2011

frogs are sweet!

Wow, it has been quite a while since I have posted. And so much has happened in the time I have been away.

First off, my original computer is on its way to Atlanta as I type and will go to the Harold, the computer doctor for one last diagnosis and attempt at treatment. Luckily we got all of the files off of my hard drive so I didn't lose anything!!! that was big: the day we were trying to get my files was the same day that I had a presentation to give to the staff. Literally 5 minutes before the presentation our IT guy, Greibys comes quickly walking through the doors with a big grin on his face. He had did it. Not only retrieved all my files but also the one that I needed right then.
the presentation went great and I have another one to complete my requirement on March 24th.

Well to move on to more exciting events, like I mentioned in the last post my fiance Matt came to visit. He got here on March 4 and left this morning. We had so much fun together and it was such a blessing to have him come and see my life here. I am comfortable that I have about 7 more weeks here but I also can't wait to be back home and only 40 minutes away from him. Here are some pictures from the two waterfalls we went to.

The first one was the Upper Jimenoa. Rumor has it that this is the waterfall that in in the movie Jarasic (sp?) Park.

We found a frog and I got Matt to catch it for me!!

The second waterfall that we went is one that I have been to from coming to the YL camp here Pico Esconido on work teams the past two years. It is quite a fun hike because you have to hike through the river leading up to the water fall. There is a small waterfall first then you keep going and eventually get to the BIG one **sorry for the ones that aren't turned the right way...I get get them to work

And we found more frogs :) My dad gave me a flip for my birthday and send it with Matt so that I could use it while we were going on our adventures. So here are the frogs :0

I hope that worked. Welp there are some glimpse into the parts of the week I captured. I will try to put a full album of pictures up on Facebook sooner than later.

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